Captn. Jack's mp3's

ACIC is one of my friends bands from Tallahassee. They are a very tongue-in-cheack hardcore band. Kinda a cross between Allanis Morissette and Van Gogh in an Emo sort of way.
Bandaids and Needles
Coke Cans
Creap? Out!
Fu lol
I Don't Like How You've Been Acting Lately
I Like Jack's SUV
No Communion in the Community
Shoot Come Ask Questions Later (Song 2 remix)
We Ain't Never Scared
We Don't Mosh At Your Football Games So Please Don't Play Football In Our Pit
We Just Wanted to Skate

Sara Wood:
Sara Wood is an old friend from the high school days. I recorded these songs on my analog 4 track recorder. I'm quite proud of the quality of the recording and songs. Some of these were recorded in an A/C-less house in the middle of the Florida summer.
Hole for Eyes
I Always Pull Myself Away
I Can Try
I Can't Help But Wonder
I Want to Live
I Want You to Hold Me
Imprinted In My Soul
In The Fire
Incubated Youth
Light of the Moon
Lost in You
My Decision
My Life Has Gone Away
Some Day
The Answer
The Country Convert
The Lies That We Have Lived
To Go The Right Way
Why Do You

David Baucum (Me):
Recordings of me.
Final Fantasy - City Theme
Final Fantasy - Sailing Ship
Final Fantasy - Underwater Palace
Final Fantasy XI - Ronfaure (Work in Progress) compare to the original.
Study No. 3 (Carcassi)
Super Mario Brothers 2 main theme