DSL Network Guide Chapter 15: DSL vs. T1

Without going into the specifics of T1 you can just imagine a T1 line being a super phone line. It can be used for phone service but it is also frequently used for internet services. About the cheapest you can find a T1 line at is about $300. The connection speeds it gives you is 1.5M upload and 1.5M download. T1 is also available to anyone and everyone willing to pay the necessary installation fees.
The important thing to know about T1 lines is that they are a business class gaurunteed service. Businesses that cannot afford to have any downtime, such as banks, pay the extra money for a T1 line. If by chance the line does go down technicians are dispatched immediately, no matter what time of day, to get it back in service as soon as possible. It is this stability that the company is paying all the extra money for.
DSL offers near T1, and sometimes faster, speeds through DSL at a fraction of the cost. For a company to compete with themselves like this is of course not profitable. They would much rather you be shelling out the extra couple hundred dollars for the T1 lines.
For this reason if you are running a business that relies on the internet and could possibly lose big money from downtime it is highly recommended that you go with a T1 line. If your DSL line goes down the technician department is notified. They usually only work normal business hours. They take the cases as they come in and fix them in that order. Sometimes the issue needs to be put over to different departments who put dates and times as to when they will report back on the status. This can often take days if your issue is serious enough. This is why DSL cost much less than T1. When considering what type of broadband you want to purchase for your business this should be a determining factor for what you choose.

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