DSL Network Guide Chapter 2: Customers Premesis

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Your computer must have a NIC (Network Interface Card) card installed. There should be a networking cable (from here on out referred to as CAT5) running from the computer's NIC to the DSL modem. The DSL modem turns those computer signals into something the DSL network can understand and passes them through the phone line. The signal goes from the DSL modem to the phone jack. Other phones are plugged into other phone jacks. It is very important that the phones have filters on them. They keep the DSL signals from interfering with the phone service. They also prevent the phone signals from interfering with the DSL modem. The wiring from the phone jack eventually leads to the MPOE (or NID) which is usually located outside of the house. Some people have what's usually called a NID splitter installed on their NID. This eliminates the need to have filters on all of the phones by filtering the signals at the NID. From here both the DSL and phone signals run to the telco network.

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